Monday, November 13, 2006

Been a long time...

I had a wonderful birthday this year, thanks everyone! Justin and Vance planned a great day for me and my mom also made the trip up and stayed a few days. Cupcakes were made, meals were eaten out, and presents were opened. It was a perfect day, except for the part where Daisy got out and we had to chase her around the neighborhood. Obscenities were said, ankles were twisted, and lungs were almost thrown up.
We were part of a Winter Advisory on Friday. Wind, sleet, and snow - almost 3 inches! And it's only November! We fought the crowds at Target this weekend and bought Vance boots and snow bibs. Have you looked at the selection of snow boots for boys? Two kinds. Blue Plastic and Black Plastic. The selection for girls is very different. Pinks, Purples, different styles...It's so not fair! Vance has not gotten into the snow yet, but looking out from the window he was very excited. Vow...Vow...

2 Responses to “Been a long time...”

  1. Did you mean to say "It's so not fair?" Caught ya-Mr. Vance looks older in this pic. Senor is growing up!



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