Thursday, November 02, 2006

Thanks to all who voted for the birthday present! Majority favored the camera, and a brand spankin' new one was delivered to me last weekend. (An early gift from my 2 favorite men!) I decided on a Canon and I really am liking it so far. My old digital camera was a dinosaur and I'm guessing it was Sony's first digital model. To be honest, it wasn't even mine. I borrowed it from my parents and never returned it. The dimensions would knock your socks off; I didn't call it "The Box" for nothing. So, I'm getting used to the small size of my new camera and all of the bells and whistles. I've taken a ton of pictures, but turns out I can't post them...yet. Without knowing, my recording pixels were set too high, thus making the pictures too large to post. So, I'm trying to find a way to compress the files. If anyone has any knowledge about this I would appreciate some help. I know how to change it for future pictures, but not sure if I can change the pictures I've already taken. So, I'll give you an old picture of Vance after we first bought his Halloween costume and will be working on getting new pics up as soon as possible.

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