Tuesday, January 30, 2007

For all that don't know, Vance loves phones. He has no tolerance for toy phones. He's no fool. He must have the real thing. He's super sneaky when it comes to getting the phone. My Motherly Eyes In The Back Of My Head have not come in yet, so he always has the phone. He's called many wrong numbers and a handful of family members. (Sorry!)

Yesterday I heard the "Please hang up and try again" lady coming from the phone, so I grabbed it from him and noticed he had dialed 711. This would be a TOTALLY different post if his little fingers had drifted 2 buttons to the right. Hmmm...Must try harder to keep phone away.

When we first found out that Daisy needed two teeth pulled, I went ahead and had them clean all her teeth while she was under. Upon further inspection while she was out, the Doc decided it was not necessary to pull the teeth. Justin is convinced that this is a conspiracy.

Vance is officially a Beast at The Little Gym. I signed him up today. When I told him about it he didn't even look up from his Lillian Vernon catalogue. Maybe we're a little overdue.

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