Thursday, January 04, 2007

Sick and Tired

For the past two nights I've been sleeping with another man. His name is Vance and he is snotty, feverish, and has an awful cough, which has been limiting his sleep. So, the first sentence is really a lie, we've been doing more tossing and turning than sleeping.

We tried an ibuprofen and night time cough medicine cocktail last night, but that only kept him asleep for an hour and a half. It kept working just until I was ready to turn in for the night. Go figure. So it was another long night last night and looks like it's going to be another long day today. We're keeping an eye on his cough - If it gets too bad to the Doctor's office we'll go.

One Response to “Sick and Tired”

  1. Anonymous12:02 PM

    Poor Vance. And poor you! We were lucky--no sniffles here--being with a lot of people can sometimes work on the little immune systems! Hope Vance feels better soon!



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