Tuesday, January 02, 2007

We're Baaaaaaackkkk!

Vance has never had a ton of toys. He definitely has enough toys, especially since his faves are everyday objects: empty water bottle, spatula, laundry basket, etc. And books. He loves his books. The living room didn't look like a primary-colored mass of plastic and this made me happy.

Enter Christmas.

The amount of toys that Vance has now is scary. Justin squeezed every last one of them in the car for the drive home and still managed to have enough breathing room for Vance and Daisy. And only one toy had to ride on my lap! Nothing could be seen out of the back windows, but we made it home safely!

My living room looks like a giant toy-stuffed pinata was beaten to death. I can hardly see the floor through all of the shrapnel. We haven't even opened all of the new toys yet. We had been away for so long, Vance was excited to see his old toys. Now that some of the new ones are out, he's definitely going through sensory overload. Poor kid doesn't know what to do first. I told myself to let him have a couple days with all of them, then we will divide and conquer. Some of the old ones will be put away. Some of the new small ones will stay downstairs. And big ones will be divided between the basement and his bedroom. Something needs to change next Christmas.

We did have a great holiday and hope you all did too. Part of the Christmas pics are up at Flickr, I'll try to get the rest out later today.

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