Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Yesterday was the first time I left the house since Saturday. As I mentioned earlier, it's freezing here. I needed to make a Target run, so Vance and I bundled up and braved the cold weather.

Every now and then, while driving, I pass the same older man jogging with his 2 dogs. A Golden Retriever and a German Shepard. The Shepard always has a white V-neck t-shirt on. Not a cutesy, dog t-shirt, an old Hanes or something like that. Actually, since mid-summer he has not been running with the Shepard, only the Retriever. Don't know what happened to the Shepard, but sending good thoughts his way...

When I say, "older man", I'm guessing 70's. I passed him yesterday morning jogging. JOGGING. Outside in the frigid weather. Is that even safe? And he's actually moving pretty well, not that "move my arms so it looks like I'm jogging but I'm really walking". My issue is not that a 70 something year old man is jogging, I don't think 70 is ancient. But should anyone be outside with exposed skin and not to mention all the snow on the ground in these temperatures? I don't know where he lives, must be close by, but he looks happy and waves at every car that passes.

In other boring and non-exciting news, our Target is under construction. It was already a bigger store, with food, but I guess we're getting the full fledged Super Target. Starbucks inside of a Target? Can it get any better than that?

We have finalized the dates and times for our new floor that is going to be installed. Project Pain in the Ass, is what I've been refering to it, lovingly. There were issues with our wood floor when we moved into the house and now the builder is replacing them. Sounds easy right? Not at all, my friends.

  • The new wood is being delivered tomorrow, so it can acclimate to the temps in our house. This means room must be made for all of this glorious wood.
  • They are also coming tomorrow to start ripping up the trim and baseboards.
  • Monday morning our appliances must be taken out. Yup, no dishwasher or oven for the next 4 days. The fridge will be moved to another room so it can be kept plugged in.
  • Then the removal of the old floor, laying of the new floor, and putting up new trim and base.
  • We have to dismantle our hutch in the dining room, get friends to come and help us move it.
  • Vance, Daisy, and I will have to live upstairs during these 4 days. Think Vance can nap with all the hammering?
  • The dust will get pretty bad, so I've been told to cover the couches and anything else that must remain on the lower level.
  • They are sending a cleaning lady through when complete, so that will be nice.

The last time the flooring people were here they clogged my effing toilet. Just a reminder.

So, that's what we're gearing up for this weekend. Hope everyone is doing something more exciting!

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