Friday, February 16, 2007

Let's see...What did I do last night??? Oh, that's right! I broke my baby's heart!

Vance loves swim class. We were out of town and missed swim class two weeks ago and last week we missed because of the onset of a cold and a bad runny nose. We promised him he would go this week.

Justin enjoys swimming with Vance, that's why we opted for the night class. Which means swim nights are a little hectic. It's tough for Justin to leave work early, so to save time I bring Vance to the Y, we meet up with Daddy, and I watch (and work on a crossword) while they do their thing. When we get home we rush to eat dinner then it's pretty much time for Vance's bedtime routine to start. I went ahead and made dinner early and was going to keep it warm in the oven, so it would be ready when we got home last night. Early in the day I got Justin's swim gear packed up and set it by the door. It was all going too smoothly.

Finally it's time and I get Vance ready and head out. We arrive at the Y, I see Justin pull in and I remember that I forgot to bring Justin's swim bag. There's nothing I can really do at this point. I don't have a suit, Justin doesn't have one, and Vance can't go solo yet. Running back home to get it really isn't an option either. The class is only 30 min. long. By the time we'd run home, then back to the Y, class would be over. Vance was crushed. I was crushed. He saw Justin walk back to his car and asked in this pathetic voice, "Dada? Pull, pull?" (Vance calls swimming 'pull,pull'. They teach them to reach and pull to get them to use their arms. So, he says it twice (no idea why) and makes the motion with his arm.) It was heartbreaking. Back home we went.

When we got home, Vance wasn't himself. Eyes were red, he kept rubbing his head, and wanted to be held. Fever. So, maybe it's a good thing that he didn't get into the cold water yesterday. He's still sick. Fever and cold symptoms. Thankfully no vomit...yet...

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  1. Anonymous4:07 PM

    After reading this I feel sad for you both! Could you hold session in your big bathtub? "Fill er up"

  2. Anonymous12:08 PM

    Remember- all things happen for a reason. We don't always understand why, but worry and guilt won't help. Just love him even more right now. Maybe next time, you can do something special afterwards to help make up for this week. Explain it's because he didn't get to go last week. mjm



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