Thursday, March 08, 2007

Game On!

Thursdays are big nights for my family. For years we've been getting together on Thursdays to eat pizza and watch Survivor. We call it "Survivor Night" and it's a big deal.

Even though we've moved away we still have our own Survivor Night. Pizza = Thursdays. No questions about it.

Enter Vance's love for swim class with his DaDa. The only night class this session was offered on Thursdays. NO!!! We thought long and hard about it and opted for our child's happiness over TV. (Probably will never happen again!) So, we've had to move Pizza Night to Wednesdays and it's thrown our universe completely out of whack. Sad, isn't it? For the past 8 weeks we've been walking around on Thursdays thinking that it's Friday because of what we had for dinner the night before. And it's thrown everybody off back at home too. Phone conversations always lead to dinner plans for that night and when I say we're having pizza and it's Wednesday..."What! You're having pizza tonight? Oh that's right I forgot..."

I know what everyone is thinking. "Why not cut pizza out of the menu?" Vance loves peepah and if we don't have it he'll drive you nuts asking for it. Peepah? Peepah? Peepah?

Good news, folks! Last week was Vance's last swim class and we're back on for Survivor Night tonight! Finally back to pizza on Thursdays and I'm pretty excited about it!

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