Sunday, March 18, 2007

Ryan, Jack, and Vance attempted to catch a leprechaun this weekend. They decorated a trap to lure the little guy, set it, but Oh No! he got away! He did leave some surprises behind though...We'll have to try again next year.

Our weekend visitors left today and it's always sad to see them leave. Justin, Vance, and I were in a crappy mood after they left, so we decided to use our crappiness as inspiration. Thanks to warmer temps last week, the snow has melted and has revealed all of Daisy's poop from the past 4 months. 2 full grocery bags later and Vance has a crap-free backyard to play in. Viola! Now all I need is something to inspire me to get the trash bags of old clothes out of our bedroom and taken to Goodwill. What? What did you say? New Jeans? Well, I guess that could work!

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