Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thank you, Papa John's

Well, there's going to be an addition to our household. Vance is getting his 2-year molars. I know you normally don't count teeth as members of family, but you don't know these teeth. They are demanding, cranky, and honestly wearing me out. Our perfect baby has been A Mess for the past month and each week gets a little worse. The joy was indescribable when I discovered the teeth. Finally! He's not a little asshole, he's just in pain! Break out the Tylenol! Tylenol for everyone!

Last night was Survivor Night, so we were having pizza for dinner. So, after Vance ate his peaches and peas (It was also Foods that Start with the Letter P night) I told him that Daddy was going to bring home pizza. That's when The Teeth took control of Vance's body and he began to demanded peepah. I make the call to order the pizza and an automated lady tells me that the number has been disconnected. What the eff? I hop online to see what I can figure out and our local Papa John's has been closed! We were just there last week! No one mentioned anything, no sign on the door, nothing! I'm not a fan of Pizza Hut, but there's one close and was our only other alternative. The only coupon they were offering was for Buffalo Wings and one large pizza was going to cost 18.34. That's ridiculous. So, frozen pizza and mac n' cheese for us. We haven't eaten that combo since college. I'm getting way off track now. So at this point The Teeth are pissed and want pizza and doesn't understand why Daddy is home and there's no pizza. The pizza finally came out of the oven and everyone was happy. (Needing to quickly end this post.)

One Response to “Thank you, Papa John's”

  1. Anonymous8:34 AM

    Sis Buns-can't believe your Papa John's closed down. You need to find out the reason why-this could be scary. Glad Vance had his peepah :) Hope his teeth are feeling better today. Talk to you later on-
    char bray



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