Saturday, May 12, 2007

I've been put in charge of keeping the sod and seeded areas alive until Justin gets home. This type of responsibility makes me a little nervous. I can handle Vance by myself (totally questionable), but the watering of the grass is what gets me.

I've seen Justin set up the sprinkler before. The way he positions and re-positions it and fine tunes the water pressure makes it seem like an art form. I have no experience in this department and I'm a bumbling idiot when it comes down to it. My problem is that I totally over-think everything. Is it spraying the neighbors yard too much? Is it getting too wet? Is it the right time of day? Are the neighbors watching from their windows and totalling heckling me?

What I'm trying to say is that I've been too busy sprinkling to take and post new pictures. I know you're thinking, "C'mon lady, setting up a sprinkler takes like 5 minutes!", but I've got another excuse for that too.

The boys finished on Thursday, late afternoon and claimed that they would be back on Friday to do the final sweeping of the sand. They instructed me to keep the pavers dry for 24 hours, to give the glue time to set and so that they could sweep sand in the cracks correctly. Water + Sand = Paste. Paste is not sweepable. They also scared the bejesus out of me telling about the water. "Keep everything wet!" "Everyday!" "Water, water, water!"

So, I had to hand water the sod. Multiple times a day. There's a lot of sod. And all while making sure Vance stayed close by. Remember the Seinfeld where Kramer relives the story of being attacked while driving the bus? While fighting off someone, he keeps making the stops because the passengers keep ringing the bell. That's how I feel. I'm watering...Ok, Daisy wants to go inside. I'm watering...Crap! Vance stay out of Daisy's poop! I'm watering...Vance takes off down the sidewalk.

Stay with me, I'm almost done.

The effing landscapers didn't show up on Friday. Which means if we move our furniture, grill, etc. onto the patio we're going to have to move it right back off. So, hopefully they'll be back on Monday to finish.

I'll get pictures up soon.

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