Thursday, May 17, 2007

So, here's one of the stories I was writing about when my computer froze up yesterday.

Vacation. Justin was planning a secret vacation for us, early July. I knew 4 things about the vacation until last Saturday.

  1. I knew it would be someplace hot.
  2. Justin suggested that I bring 2 swimsuits. (I don't have 2 swimsuits, in fact the suit that I bought last year has never been worn. Justin back pedaled when he heard that. "No, don't go buy another suit, I just thought if you had two...". The last thing he wants to do is promote more spending by me.)
  3. I knew we would be flying and I didn't need my passport. (Which is good, because I never renewed it after we got married and did the whole name switcheroo.)

Rewind to last Saturday when I opened the mail and found our confirmation letter. The envelope had the hotel's logo on the front and we have received information from them before. I just thought it was another one of those. Justin was still out of town, so he wasn't there to intercept the mail. I thought about hiding it, but I knew he would need the letter and get worried if it never came, blah, blah, blah. I was crushed because I knew he was wanting to keep it a secret. But, even if I hadn't opened it, I still would've asked him about it when he opened it. Again, it had the logo, so I knew where it was from. Guess he should have gone with his first instinct and sent it to his parents house. But, it totally makes sense why he kept asking me, "So, you don't mind going somewhere hot during July?".

Here's where we're going. The Westin Kierland Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona. I've heard nothing but amazing things about it and am really excited. I want to be there right now! I'm sure it will be here before I know it. Better get looking for that new swimsuit!

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  1. Anonymous7:15 AM

    Better get two suits, a cover-up, sandals, sunglasses, ointment, a hat, several new pairs of shorts with matching tops, and something a little dressy for those romantic evenings out! Bring aspirin for the headaches from listening to Justin after he has a bad golf shot. Have the toes and nails done plus hair before you leave, and enjoy sending the bill to Justin who will be happy you decided to shop. That thrill of shopping happiness comes naturally from the family line! NOT! Most importantly, enjoy and have a ball. M

  2. Anonymous8:09 AM

    You will have a blast there and you will sweat your buns off but it's a DRY heat!!!! Don't forget to book your spa day and shopping is just a hop, skip and jump away! Enjoy :)

  3. Anonymous9:12 AM

    What's up with no family in the comment contest? Uncle W is the best and most profound. Now that you know about your trip (that we all knew about)remember that travel is 90% anticipation and 10% recollection. So enjoy! By the way tell Justin to bring his wallet and make sure to go to Tommy Bahama's for lunch and the Ocean Club for dinner.

  4. Anonymous10:20 AM

    will you guys bring vance or will he be w/ some grandparents? that place looks awesome....

  5. Anonymous10:25 AM

    you guys are going to love it there, we had so much fun! you definitely need to go to the spa, it is sooo nice!! I can't wait until we get to go back there.

  6. Anonymous4:31 PM

    Okay, Dave is in trouble now because I really want to go there too. That place looks beautiful. How nice of Justin to plan that, he is a good husband.

  7. Anonymous4:43 PM

    So Sarah - want to ditch dave and head to arizona? ashcraft

  8. Vancer Pants will be staying at home with Justin's parents. Martha, I like how you think! I just need time away from the little guy to get all that stuff done! Sarah and Ashcraft, are you guys in?

  9. Anonymous12:45 PM

    did you really post a comment at 4:30 in the morning? i'm trying to figure out where ashcraft got a teammate for the comment thing.....



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