Sunday, July 01, 2007

Chicago, Day Two

started out with breakfast at the west egg. good food and fast service - wonderful when eating with kiddos.

headed down to navy pier and spent hours in the children's museum. i believe everyone enjoyed themselves, what a cool place! walked around the pier for a bit, until it was time to head back for vance to take a nap. looked like a movie was being filmed there because there was a huge green screen and roped off areas. we couldn't have asked for better weather.

ate dinner at the rainforest cafe. vance was thoroughly scared by the whole experience. pretty much sat on my lap the whole time in a hugging position. got back to the hotel and he was energetic vance again. decided he wanted to eat dinner that we brought home for him and acted like a clown for the rest of the evening. tried to see the fireworks from the hotel but too many buildings in the way.

vance fell asleep a few minutes ago as did justin. tomorrow we're heading out to shedd's aquarium, will grab lunch somewhere, and will head home hopefully around noon or so. must make it home in time to do laundry, pack, and pick up daisy. leaving early monday for the desert and all its dry heat.


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