Thursday, June 28, 2007

Had a wonderful visit with family from Texas last night. They headed out this morning to drive to Chicago and we'll be joining them, along with even more family, tomorrow.

Chicago seemed to be a convenient meeting ground for a get together that usually only happens once a year, at Christmas. I think it's pretty amazing that every one's busy schedules were clear on this particular weekend and allowed us to sneak in a visit. I think it would be great if we could do this every summer. It's great to see all the boys (4 of them!) play together.

(I have mentioned that Justin and his family only produce offspring of the XY variety, right?)

We'll return on Sunday and leave on Monday for Arizona. (We don't go anywhere all year and Bam! we're packing in 3 trips all in one month...) I'm anxious to experience this Dry Heat that everyone has told me about.

Justin took Miss Daisy Fuentes to her hotel this morning. Hotel? Yes, hotel. Daisy will be living la vida loca until Sunday. The amenities are pretty silly and I'm sure we'll get made fun of for taking our dog here, so I won't even list them. Over the weekend you can look for Daisy on one of their three doggie cams. Click on the picture for a link to their website. Have a great weekend Y'all!

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  1. all i can say is WOW! That place is crazy nice. I just hope you got miss fuentes the ambassador suite! Jeff is just lucky there isn't a place like that here b/c miss lily muffins would definitly be a VIP! Hope you guys have a great time on both of your trips!!



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