Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I'm still decompressing from being away. So is Vance. The grandparents have spoiled him rotten and it's going to take him at least another day to get thru his cute little head that Mommy is the boss, not Baby.

He whimpered for a good 45 minutes yesterday when everyone left. By everyone I mean The Grandparents, my mom, and her friend. Deb and her friend were on their way to Kohler, WI and spent the night on Sunday just to break up the drive. Kohler is, I'm guessing, about 2 hours from here. They had tee times on Monday morning and it would have sucked for them (and their game) to have gotten up early Monday and driven the whole way from STL. Here's where they're staying. Yeah, they're roughing it.

Vance and the mountains of laundry wore me out yesterday and that's why I haven't written about the weekend. I also took Vance to get his hair cut yesterday and Yup! turns out that he does have eyes under that mess of hair. He looks about 4 years older with his new cut, so I'll have to post new pics later today. As for Philly, here's two highlights:

Had Philly cheesesteaks at Tony Luke Jr's. Bobby Flay did a Throwdown there. Read about it here. Not sure who won the throwdown.

Had Delilah's mac n' cheese. Bobby Flay did another Throwdown here and Oprah named her the Queen of Mac n' Cheese. Read about it here. To see pictures of Bob and D click here. I do know that Bobby won this throwdown.

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  1. Anonymous8:05 PM

    Hey, he didn't get to do anything we didn't already want to do. We just happen to own the "Hey-Hey" car. Sorry about that. He did everything we told him to do and even went to bed without a whimper!He was a perfect gentleman the entire time! (If he hadn't have been, you would have heard about it.)Luv, G&M



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