Thursday, June 14, 2007

Senor Stinky graduated from Little Gym today. We celebrated afterwards by having lunch at Chipoltle, ordering 3 tons of rock to be delivered tomorrow, and not taking a nap.

Vance wore his medal for most of the day. The safety goggles were added later in the afternoon to complete the ensemble. Here he is with 2 of his favorite books.

I added more pictures from Little Gym to Flickr, so wander over and check them out.

I forgot to mention earlier that while we were Philly last weekend another phone book was delivered.

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  1. Anonymous7:41 AM

    Nice pics of the babers!!

  2. Anonymous4:49 PM

    He is so cute here! Enjoyed looking at all the ones on Flickr. Give him a congrats hug and kiss from us! G&M

  3. Anonymous7:39 AM

    Let's get the sandles off the feet for a little sun tan on those white lines. Let's get him a pool.




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