Friday, July 13, 2007

Daisy Update

Daisy's condition still hasn't changed. The Vet thinks she has Old Dog Vestibular Disease. They don't know what causes it and it's one of those "wait and see" things.

It messes with their coordination, balance, and spacial awareness - so, Daisy feels like she's going 'round and 'round and has no idea which way is up. She has a hard time getting around, her head hangs to one side, and her eyes constantly twitch upwards.

The good news is that most dogs recover with time. I read today that it's important for dogs to be in a calm environment while they recover from this. Unfortunately for Daisy, Vance picked yesterday to start acting like a real 2 year old. Sean Connery Jr. was running around this morning, drum stick in hand, singing, "Appleshashe! Appleshashe!" No idea why, just 'cause.
Every day Daisy should be feeling a little bit better. If not, back to the Vet she goes on Monday.

One Response to “Daisy Update”

  1. Anonymous1:54 PM

    Poor Daisy. I know she will get better soon.



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