Friday, July 20, 2007

Population: Not Too Many

Last night we visited the "Sundaes on Thursdays at the Gazebo" in our little town. Ice cream is sold for $1.50 and you get to add your own your toppings. I don't know why but I thought my dad would get a kick out of that.

Reminds me of the story when Mark was still playing ball and my parents flew out to help my sister drive back home from the west coast. It's been a long time - was it even the west coast? It was somewhere far away. It was the end of baseball season, so there was a ton of stuff to bring back, including a bike, a dog, and a child. Ryan was there, wasn't she? Anyways, they had to stop and stay the night in some small town and chose the hotel because it was the only one that allowed dogs. The hotel lobby featured a Pantry where you could shop using the honor system. You wrote down what you took on a provided form and left it there and it was charged to your room. This excited my dad immensely and he bought a can of Dinty Moore stew and I'm sure numerous other snacks. I can't look at a can of Dinty Moore without laughing now.

I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when that group checked in. A mom, a dad, a questionably young looking daughter with a baby of her own, a dog, bike, and luggage came rolling in. That, my friends, is another post worthy of itself.

Getting back on track. Usually some type of band plays music while people are enjoying their sundaes, but last night it was dancers. The weather was perfect and it was a nice small-town night.

One Response to “Population: Not Too Many”

  1. Thanks for the laugh this morning! Ahhhh such sweet memories of living that crazy baseball life!!! Sounds like a wonderful evening you had last night! Dad would love that.



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