Wednesday, July 11, 2007


It's a beautiful day here.

(My mind is totally not working today. I first typed "heer". Delete, delete. Then typed "hear". Crap. Delete, delete.)

No humidity, high 70's.

We started the day with a dip in the pool and playing in the backyard, then headed out for a walk, ending up at the playground. During the weekdays the neighborhood is like a ghost town. No one in sight. While at the playground I notice a car pull up, so I'm excited that I might have another adult to chat with. Yea.

Vance is in the height of his social awkwardness. Loves to be around other kids, but chickens out when they approach him, thus clinging to me like wet clothes. When his grip can be loosened he stares. Stands and stares. Like a statue. While I'm stuck there in the middle of it all. I try my best to get him going again, but it's awkward for all parties.

Anyways, I wasn't sure at first if Isaac and his mommy spoka de english. Turns out they did (gotta love a bilingual 2 year old) and they were in the process of moving from the East coast to the West coast and stopped here in the middle to see grandparents.

Isaac was dressed in jeans, a long sleeved T-shirt, and a floppy bucket hat that hid his face. So was his mom. I overheard her say to him that it was almost time to get going because the sun was getting a little too hot to be outside.

It was 10:30.

I'm dressed in running shorts and a tank top, Vance in shorts, a T-shirt, and sunglasses. I will state for the record that we were both wearing sunscreen.

I'm thinking there has to be a good reason why they were so covered up. Was the little boy on a certain medicine that doesn't mix well with sun? Did a family member have skin cancer? Or are they just overly cautious about everything? If so, I'm wondering how these people live their daily lives? Hmmm...just something else to think about.

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