Monday, July 16, 2007

So, we're outside eating dinner on Friday night when I see a young couple on a walk. I get excited because I haven't seen them before (could be new to the neighborhood and potential friend material) and they're each pushing a stroller (great! they have kids too!). But, wait...those aren't normal strollers...Holy crap, they're pushing their pets!

They had one dog stroller, kind of like Tori's and one double decker cat contraption, kind of like the picture, but theirs was bright pink. (I'm thinking they made the cat one themselves because I couldn't find a picture of it on Google, and come on, you can find everything on Google.) I guess if I had a handicapped dog I might consider this. And, OK, the dog stroller isn't that unusual looking. But cats? Are you serious? That contraption is just silly and awkward looking. I'm not a cat lover, but even if I was one and had cats, there would be no way in hell that Justin would walk two steps out the door with me, pushing that. I have so much else to say about this, but not enough time...Crap.

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