Tuesday, August 14, 2007

What's For Dinner? Kahlua Cake

Update: Click here for an updated post with better pictures!

So, Kahlua Cake. A cake that Sandra Lee could be proud of. *hiccup*

Disclaimer: Apologies for the random spacing and pictures at the bottom. Things got a little messed up and I ran out of time trying to fix them.

Bake a chocolate cake. Any box mix will do. Don't spend time doing it from scratch. Let it cool.

When cool, poke holes all over it, using a fork or a bamboo skewer.

Pour Kahlua on top of cake. 1/3 or 1/4 of a cup. Whatever it takes. Give it about an hour to soak in.

Using a sharp knife, cut the cake into 1 inch squares.

Back tracking just a smidge, get a start on your chocolate mousse while your cake is cooling and soaking. Again, any box mix will do. My fave is from the No-Bake line from JELL-O. I'm drawing a blank on the actual name, but it's a kit in a red and white box and comes with a cookie crust, that you obviously wouldn't use for this cake, but could save it for later. You need 2 boxes for this recipe. I've also used another choc. mousse kit that called for instant choc. pudding and that worked okay too. You can find them in the grocery store in the pudding and jello aisle.

So, cake is soaking and mousse is made, next get cracking on the candy part. You have two options. I prefer Skor bars, but sometimes they're hard to find. The other option would be Heath bars. You can either get the pre-crumbled bags or crumble your own. If you do your own, it takes around 8 bars.
Almost time to assemble. But first you need some Cool-Whip and a lot of it. 2 of the big containers. Make an assembly line with all your ingredients.
A trifle dish is ideal for this, but any deep bowl-form would work. Start with a layer of cake cubes, then a layer of chocolate mousse, a layer of cool-whip, then a layer of the crumbled candy. Repeat again. Viola! Kahlua Cake!

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  1. Thanks for the recipe-love it! Can't wait to make it when you come home-hurry up!

  2. wow, looks good!


    sandra lee! what a lush!

    just throwing ideas out for possible comments. see folks, it's really not that hard.



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