Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Vance has been talking non-stop for days. Non-stop. Poor kid should be out of breath soon.

He gives you play by play details of what he's doing and won't stop until he knows you're following along.

"Look, Mama! The wheels are turning!" "Mommy, the wheels!" "Mommy, Look!"

If he's not doing play by plays, he's asking, "Wha dis?" "Wha dis?" "Wha dis?"

If it's not "Wha dis?" it's other questions or statements. Here's an actual convo:

Vance: "Raining, Mama, raining!"
Me: No, sweetie, it's not raining. It's sunny outside.
V: "Mama coote!"
Me: "Thanks, bud, that's nice. You're cute too."
V: "Whasa Daisy dooning? I find her. Daisy sleeping. I gotta blue eyes. Daisy gots bown. Daddy gots bown. Mama gots gween. Airplane! I hear airplane! People inside. I go in it. Hi, Mommy. More airplanes! Mama, I wanna see more airplanes! Ooh, airplanes sleeping. I go to Zoo. Raining, Mama, raining!"
Me: Aahhh!

I used to be safe in the car, but not anymore. He loves to point out the different types of cars and trucks. "Mama, a cement truck! Round and round. Look, Mama!"

He's been waking up early lately, which has interrupting my blogging time, so that's why there's lack of content here.

I'm loving that he's so inquisitive and is so talkative, but I can't think straight anymore! My brain needs a rest!

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