Monday, November 26, 2007

As promised, there's a picture from the beach.  I've run into my first issue with converting from a PC to a Mac, so Help! Mac users.  After I uploaded the picture I wasn't able to add text to the page.  Is this a fluke or is there something I need to do differently?    

Yesterday, instead of unpacking suitcases, we decorated for Christmas.  Vance is all about the tree this year. The majority of our energy yesterday was spent telling Vance to stop messing with the tree.  He likes to twist the light bulbs, which results in the whole strand going out.  (We found the one he twisted, so all the lights are working now)  He likes to rearrange the ornaments.  And he also likes to add his toys and other random things to the tree.  

When we were done with the tree and stood back to admire our work Vance got excited and asked us to sing Happy Birthday.  He did the same thing when we were done hanging ornaments on the tree in his room.  Although, it's his favorite song right now and he sings it randomly throughout the day, I'm guessing the tree lights remind him of birthday candles. Strange little man he is. 

We went to Target to buy new outdoor lights yesterday late afternoon.  The parking lot should have been evidence alone to let us know what was going on inside.  We ignored it, went in and found about 134 people, crying babies, and carts in the outdoor light section alone. Not liking crowds and the mass public in general, it was not a good experience.  We were toying with the idea of not using our standard little white bulb for the outside and to look for something else with more character.  I can't think in situations like that, so we bought about 3 boxes of every style we liked, so we could decide in the peace of our own home.

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  1. Anonymous8:33 AM

    I am having the same problem with my mac. I can't really spell check or add photo or web pages. I need to mess with it more too, but any advice would be appreciated. Glad you guys had a nice time on your vacation.



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