Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Yesterday I got all crafty and tried to create the Golden Washed Pillar Candle from Pottery Barn.  I couldn't get a picture of the real ones, so here's a link.  If you do go to the link, click on 'more images' to get a close up.  I checked them out in the store and the picture doesn't do them justice.  I forget how much they were and they're sold out online, but I figured I saved myself some money.  

I started with a vanilla candle, the larger ones retailed on sale for $4.89 and the smaller ones for 3 something.  I know the smaller candles are too short, but I was tired of looking for candles and figured these would do.  I always have spray glue on hand and had to buy a bottle of Martha Stewart's glitter, which was $4.99.  The glitter was worth every penny and really goes a long way.  (I'm racking my brain for more stuff to glitter...)  

Overall, I didn't get the exact candle.  Probably not even close.  I did get the metallic sheen I was going for and I've never seen a store bought glittered candle that's been so sparkly.  I'm just happy that my mantel is done and I can move on to decorating my dining room table.  

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  1. Anonymous7:49 AM

    Could we see a picture of your mantle? I need to see the whole effect.



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