Friday, December 07, 2007

I'm sitting here with A&D ointment on my knuckles.  

When you have kids your life changes, blah, blah, blah, but no one mentions how much your hand washing increases.  Between diapers, bathroom trips, snacks, meals, and mystery sticky goo on little fingers, my hands are always being scrubbed.  Antibacterial wipes and sanitizing gels after public places just finishes everything off.  My hands are dry, cracked, and screaming for help. 

And the cold weather isn't helping. 

Switching gears now.  No clever segue today.

While Justin was away Vance and I did our birthday shopping.  (Justin turns the big 3-0 on Wednesday.)  Justin left on Sunday afternoon, so I thought if we would shop on Monday Vance would forget about the present by the time Justin returned home on Thursday.  Vance and I talked about the present being a secret and we couldn't tell Daddy until his birthday, etc.

It took about 47 minutes after Justin was home that Vance told Daddy what we had gotten him.  

We were in the car heading to pick up dinner.  Out of the blue, Vance tells Justin, "We have a secret".  My heart drops and I whip around and tell Vance not to tell Daddy.  A couple minutes go by and he blurts out, "We got Daddy a bike".  It must have been eating away at him.  

So, Justin got his birthday present last night.  A new bike.  His last bike was a bright blue GT with pegs.  Front and back pegs, that is.  Why hello, ladies. Need a ride?      

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  1. Anonymous10:11 AM

    did you get pegs for the new bike?

  2. No, but how rad would that be. If we taught Vance to hold on tight, we could take family bike rides that way.

  3. You know my solution for dry, cracked hands....rubber gloves. Use them when you changes diapers, dishes, etc.!They work wonders and well worth the money!

  4. That is too funny about Vance. I guess you have a little longer until he learns the concept of a secret!
    I'm feelin ya on the hands, I couldn't tell you how many times a day I have to lube up!



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