Saturday, January 05, 2008

For the past 21 weeks I haven't allowed myself to think about the sex of the baby.  No names and no bedding.  Not even secretly looking or thinking.  I was afraid to get myself excited about having a girl and then find out that I was not.  This pregnancy felt different, but most people I've talked to said all their pregnancies were different and resulted in the same sex of baby.  I don't want this to sound bad - I would have been happy with another boy, I just really wanted one of each.  

(And, come on, how much fun is it to shop for girls?!)  ((Yes, It's early, but I'm going to mention it now.  I have a strong hatred toward those bows on elastic headbands for baby girls.))

Our ultrasounds with Vance weren't as clear.  I guess the equipment has improved over the years, which made yesterday a bit more nerve racking.  She spent a lot of time looking around the baby and pointing parts out before she asked if we wanted to know.  I thought I'd accidentally see something while she was taking inventory.  When she said it looked like a girl I jumped, sat up, and said something brilliant like, "No Way!" or "Really?!" and then cried. Justin, being Justin, kept asking if she was sure.  

Comments from the Wee Ones:  
Vance still has no idea what's going on, but kept trying to look down my shirt while asking, "Where is it?  Where is it?" after the appointment.  Ryan wanted to know if she had curly hair and is pushing for the name Rosie.  Jack asked if the baby was out yet.  

We've been out looking for bedroom furniture for Vance today.  I think tonight will be the first night we turn the crib into the toddler bed.  It's sad because he loves his crib and sleeps great there.  But, we've got 4 months to get him sleeping comfortably on his own and don't want to make it seem like we're taking his crib and giving it to the baby.  The crib needs to go away for a little bit and he's already pumped about his Big Boy Bed.  

I'll try to scan the ultrasound picture tonight and upload it.  

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  1. AHHH! I feel like we are so out of the loop! I haven't checked blogs or anything forever! I am so excited for you, congratulations!! Jr tried to call you back when we were at the airport but I am sure you were very busy spreading the great news! Can't wait to hear more updates!



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