Friday, January 18, 2008

Hi!  It's 3 degrees here, but with the wind, feels like -10! We didn't leave the house yesterday, but will try to at least go to the library today.  

We've exhausted most of our toys yesterday.  There's play food all over the house, including the fridge. There's nothing like opening your refrigerator to find the veggie bin full of plastic french fries and such. Is this Vance's subtle way of telling me we need more food in the house?

We've played trains, raced cars, made music, painted, rode bikes and scooters in the basement,
and hit big plastic softballs on big plastic tees.  We've played with the barn and the animals, even read a story to the sheep. We've done the same puzzle at least 6 or 7 times.        

And for the highlight of the day, Vance complimented my eyebrows. "Nice eyebrows, Mama!" 

Here's wishing everyone gets at least one compliment today.    

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