Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I've got lots to talk about, but not enough time.  What's new?

Shockingly, it's been above freezing for a few days here.  Low 40's and yesterday low 50's! Unfortunately, it's caused awful fog that has been the culprit in many accidents around here, but let's keep things positive today.  We've also had rain that has been making the snow melt, which is near heaven for me.  Our driveway is totally clear and we have grass!  Green grass can be seen! Crazy that it's still green, but it's been so nice to see!  However, the tides will be changing tonight.  The temps are supposed to drop and we're in for snow tonight and tomorrow.  

Vance has still not attempted to get out of bed once we put him down.  Even for nap time. When he's ready to get up he still calls my name and I go up and rescue him.  At this point I think it would be silly to explain that he can get out of bed whenever he feels like it...

Started thinking about it, but what am I going to do with all of Vance's old clothes, which by the way, are so neatly organized and labeled in containers?  He has an abundance of cute baby clothes.  My favorite outfits of his are Janie and Jack stuff that must be worn again.  Hmmm...

Want to write about the pasta we had on Sunday night.  It included butternut squash and goat cheese.  Love those two together.   

Must write soon about all the PB rug smell hits I am getting.  Don't know why, but rug smells must be at their highest right now because everyone from the UK to Beverly Hills has been searching for help.  Funny, as of last week, if you Google 'Pottery Barn rug smell' I'm number 4 on the list.  

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