Tuesday, February 12, 2008

As of about two weeks ago, Vance understands that he can get up and out of bed when he wishes. For those two weeks he didn't nap because he was too busy enjoying his new found freedom. Thank goodness, we've only had one incident of him getting into trouble. Trouble that included a bottle of lotion and a black Sharpie marker. Trust me, it could have been worse. 

Since then, naps have been easier. The freedom has worn off and the little guy finally wore down. He's allowed to play quietly in his room, and does so by reading books for a little bit then falls asleep. 

Bedtime is still easy too. Only once has he decided to get up on his own, turn on his light, and do some light reading. He jokes with us before we put him down by asking, "Playtime?" and we'll reply, "No, it's naptime/bedtime".

I'm guessing we'll go through another adjustment phase when we move him from the toddler bed into a normal bed. I know we've had it easy, everything with Vance is easy, and I'm thankful for that. I'm sure the second one will be Hell on Wheels and we'll have no other choice but to turn to Super Nanny and ask for help. You'll see us on TV, strung out and asking ourselves, "When did we lose control?"  
. . .

Daisy has not been herself lately, so off to the Doctor we went yesterday. He's thinking Daisy's arthritis has gotten worse and the cold weather is not helping (yet another reason to move to warmer climates). So, 3 different medicines and naming rights of the unborn child later, we've hopefully have an answer and Ms. Fuentes will start feeling better soon.  

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