Wednesday, February 13, 2008

On our way to Little Gym this morning we passed Obama's motorcade leaving the city. Tons of police cars and SUV's surrounding his bus. I'm sure it's really not called a bus, but you know. I was surprised that they even stopped the traffic on the highway behind him for miles. It was kind of cool to see. 

In other non-important news, I'm into Pocky now. Pocky comes in many different flavors, but It's a cookie/cracker stick dipped in chocolate. I figure it's better for me than Nutella and it comes in a long, skinny case that opens like a cigarette box. Makes me feel so risque. 

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  1. Those look really yummy. I was tempted to buy Nutella the other day, but I stopped myself. I only have a few more weeks of this pregnancy, I don't want to get addicted to something new.

  2. You betta bring some Pocky home lady!



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