Saturday, February 02, 2008

Updates as of Saturday Morning: Warning, we're pathetic.

Both went to the Doctor yesterday. Justin got more medicine, had chest X-rays, and blood drawn. Won't know anything until Monday. Myself, after having intense upper back and chest pain, called and got an appointment the same time as Justin's. Funny, if you mention back, chest pain, and that you're pregnant, they always find an opening. My doctor gave me a prescription, but I have not filled it yet. Going to try to tough it out. You know, for the baby's sake....

Justin went to bed around 6:00, Vance around 7:00, and myself around 8:00. 

Justin and I went to sleep in different bedrooms although we share the same symptoms. Fever, aches, chills, cough, and congestion. 

We're both feeling a little better this morning. Hope it continues for the rest of the day.

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  1. Keep us posted. We want you well as soon as possible!! Love always, G & M

  2. Anonymous1:12 PM

    thelen was just diagnosed with pneumonia - may have caught something down in austin



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