Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ducks in a Row

Every now and again I comment on the craziness of the members that make up my side of the family. The leaders of said craziness, my parents - well, really just my dad, have once again proved this fact. They are allowing us to move in with them until we sell our house and find a new one. That's me, a husband, an almost 3 year old, a soon to be newborn, and a dog. And they seem to be excited about it. We are very thankful that they are always there to help us out! 

For those who haven't done the math, I will be 36 weeks pregnant when we move. Perfect time to pack up and relocate! I feel extremely lucky because my old doctor, the doctor who delivered Vance, is covered on our new insurance, as is Vance's old Pediatrician. So, there's two unknowns answered!

One thing is a little unsettling: I cannot go into labor between the dates of April 9 - 14. We'll be moving on the 9th and our new insurance doesn't kick in until Justin's first day (14th). We'll still be covered by our old insurance, but they are very strict when it comes to pregnancies this late in the game. They will not cover anything out-of-state within the last month. Everyone keep their fingers crossed and I'll keep my legs crossed too!  

I've decided to keep the crib bedding and I think we have a first name for Rosie Barcelona. I think... I'm also thrilled that Vance got into the preschool program that we wanted. He doesn't know it yet, but he'll be going to "school" for a few hours, two days a week! Three more unknowns down! 

Off to Little Gym!

2 Responses to “Ducks in a Row”

  1. What a relief, that things are working out. If you need help with anything let us know. It will be nice to have help once the baby comes and you will be close to all your family. I can't wait to hear what the little girl's name is going to be. Are you going to tell ahead of time or wait until she is born? Good luck with packing and moving.

  2. Keep your legs crossed sis...I know you can do it. Glad you decided to keep the bedding-it's so cute and Rosie will be so cozy in it. Jack is so excited that Vance and him will be going to school together....they will have a blast :) Sounds like you're getting a lot done....not too much longer. :) :)



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