Monday, March 10, 2008

Grocery Store Budgeting

I'm a little in shock. I just read one of my "daily" blogs and she mentioned that she budgets $50 per week on groceries. The hell? How is this possible? Her household includes her husband and two boys, I think ages 4 and 2. Anyone care to offer what they budget or spend weekly on groceries? This is one area that I know I can cut back on, but being a Foodie, it's tough. And trying to eat organically doesn't help either. I need help! What are your secrets?  

4 Responses to “Grocery Store Budgeting”

  1. Anonymous3:54 PM

    doesn't the link to the blog below mention 3 boys?

  2. The post about Vance being asleep was written this morning, Blogger was having problems - therefore, it didn't post a date or title. The post about the grocery budget is in reference to a totally different blog.

    How's life as a new dad?

  3. jr and I don't buy for the week. we go to the store each nite and buy what we need for dinner, which probably doesn't help. but I don't even think with two of us we could do $50 a week! maybe if we wanted to do frozen pizzas and mac n cheese for dinner!

  4. Anonymous10:51 AM

    life = tired but it's getting better, i feel bad for sarah because he's eating so often, hope your record snowfall up there starts melting soon



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