Monday, March 10, 2008

 It's 6:47 am and Vance is still asleep. He hasn't slept this late in weeks. I know the fact that I'm even mentioning it means that he'll be propelled down the stairs at any moment. 

We ran a lot of errands and got a lot of things done this weekend. Spring cleaning type of stuff. It felt really good to get rid of a lot of stuff that we don't need. Our trash and recycling bins are overflowing today. (For once Justin and I remembered that it was trash day before he pulled out for work and saw the neighbor's bins. Our usual day was changed in January and we just can't quite get it.)

Came upon a new blog over the weekend. Not always my style, but she does a lot of decorating and crafty things on a budget. Always fun to see what others are up to, so Check it out! 

Updated: 7:14 am. Vance has been up for 13 minutes. So far have cleaned up spilled coffee and mopped up pee that didn't make it into the potty. Just sat back down to enjoy half a cup of cold coffee. That's more like the Monday I know and love.  

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