Monday, March 03, 2008

Our bedrooms have names. There's Our Room, Vance's Room, Ko's/Daisy's Room, and Big Gar's Room. To have a room named on your behalf, you must be the first guest to sleep there. Mr. Ko was the first and pretty much only guest in our old house and when we moved the name followed. Since he's only visited once and Daisy sleeps in that room, we use the name interchangeably. Naming of the rooms is for mere clarity alone.

All bedrooms were torn apart this weekend. Vance's baby furniture was moved into Big Gar's room, which is going to be the baby's room. The furniture in Big Gar's room was moved into Ko's room. Ko's furniture was moved into the basement. Vance's room was painted this weekend, the color, Deer Path. (I still dream about being a Namer of the Paint.) 

On paper it really doesn't seem that chaotic and messy of a job. In hindsight we should have tackled it another way so that it wasn't, but oh well, it's done. It also didn't help to have a no napping 2 year old wanting to help and a dog always at your feet. It was a long weekend filled with work and meltdowns and that's not really how a weekend should go down. We were stuck in the house way too long and Vance was almost sold to the highest bidder on Sunday. I'm a little jealous that Justin gets to go back to work today. Vance has been up since 5:30 this morning and is already cranky. He HAS to take a nap today. 

In other news, we grilled out yesterday. It was 40 degrees here and we needed a celebration. Justin used two different shovels to dig out the grill and she fired right up.   

While typing this, Vance has been over my shoulder and trying to help me type. He's also been sitting really, really, close to me and putting his head right in front of the computer screen. Please excuse this whole post. 

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  1. Well at least the rearranging and painting is done. Sounds like too much work for me, esp. in one weekend. I hope Vance takes a nap today, so you can get some rest yourself.



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