Thursday, March 20, 2008

The past 2 days have been sunny and in the low 40's. Although it's been too windy to really feel the warmth from the sun, Vance and I have still gone out to play each day. I broke two nails fielding plastic softballs that he hit from his tee, but they were well worth it. Between hits he would take a second to chat on his cell phone, so I had time to sulk.  

Right now he's fascinated with what animals eat. He asked two days ago what birds eat and since then all he keeps talking about is it getting warm out and us digging up some worms. (It took awhile for him to grasp that the worms live under the ground. "I can't see dem! Where are dey?", he kept asking.)  

This morning on the news they commented that the official snow count for the season is 92 inches. We're supposed to get another 2-5 tomorrow. People are starting to sell t-shirts that say, "I Survived Winter of '08!"

How is everyone enjoying Top Chef? I'm finding that half of the contestants annoy the hell out of me for no good reason at all. Is it because I can't touch my toes anymore and everything seems to annoy me, or are others experiencing the same thing? 

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  1. Anonymous8:56 AM

    Sarah and I are with you, we don't really like any of the contestants yet but we are finding many of them annoying. Does that make sense?

  2. i keep forgetting to record it! but I had that problem last season, it took me awhile to find a favorite.



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