Thursday, March 06, 2008

Vance and I picked up a groggy Daisy Doggy this afternoon. She had a total of 8 teeth removed. The nurse mentioned that her tongue might hang out a little bit because she basically doesn't have any front teeth left. (I wonder if it will make her bark sound different.)

Daisy also had 2 x-rays that determined that she does have "significant bone damage at the lumbo-sacral space where the spine joins the pelvis." 

The Doctor must have felt sorry for us because she only charged us for 4 tooth extractions, gave us a free nail trim, and even though Dental Health Month ended last month, we still got the 10% discount. 

I figured that I would wait until tomorrow before I try to open Daisy's mouth and take a peek. When I do, I'll see if I can find the $427.69 that she swallowed today.  


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  1. Anonymous8:59 PM

    We're happy to accept donations. Please make checks payable to Justin or Charisa...

  2. Hope she's feeling better. Maybe a frosty paw will feel good on her gums!

  3. poor Daisy!! send her our love!

  4. Poor Daisy Doggy. I am sure she felt miserable. Hopefully she recovers well.



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