Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Hot Sundae

I think it's crazy that Jesse Spano (Elizabeth Berkley) keeps popping up everywhere. Last night I saw her on an episode of CSI. It bugged me that she went one hole minute without  blinking. She's also going to be hosting the dance-reality show for the Bravo network. It hugely annoys me that on the commercials for that show her ending pose includes Pointy Fingers. (You'd have to see the commercial to appreciate how awful it is.) I don't even think Zack Morris, the manager of Hot Sundae, would let that move fly.  

3 Responses to “Hot Sundae”

  1. I can't believe you found that video. Classic!!

  2. I was just going to comment the exact same thing. How did you find that video? Wasn't she in some striptease movie too? I guess she thinks she can really dance.

    I really don't want to become addicted to another TV show, but I might just have to watch that new dance show. I love those shows. I never thought I would watch So You Think You Can Dance, but I totally do.

  3. Anonymous5:54 PM

    oh my Lord - what a great video!! makes me want to whip out my thong leotard...oh wait, Candy would of never allowed those in the 80's...



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