Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I'm Still Pregnant

Dilated to a 2 and effaced 70%. Good progress says the Doc. Another appointment next Tuesday and we'll see where we are then. As much as I'm ready to have this baby, I'd rather her birthday be in May, so must hold off until then. 

4 Responses to “I'm Still Pregnant”

  1. Moving right along Sis!! I think you can hold off until May....I think I can.... I think I can!!

  2. Wow you are making some good progress. At least you are at 2 with no pain. I hope you get even further with no pain. I felt the same way as you. I did not want to have Samuel in February, so thankfully he held off until March. Maybe you will deliver on May 5th, then you would be exactly 5 days before your due date, just like I was. Good luck and I love the picture.

  3. Anonymous11:29 AM

    Charisa D, what are you talkin about - April birthdays rule!!! I mean, hello...diamond is your birthstone!?! :) Kidding. Although I am seriously rooting for her to arrive on 4/27.

  4. I have nothing against the month of April - we just know a lot of people with birthdays at the end of the month already. And how cool would a Cinco de Mayo birthday be?!?

    Sarah, I thought it was crazy that you went 5 days early with Samuel because I went 5 days early with Vance. I know we have the same Baby Journal (so you know what I'm talking about) - I've used the same one for Vance and Baby Girl so I can compare everything that's been going on. At this point with Vance I wasn't even dilated. That makes me think I'll go earlier.



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