Monday, April 14, 2008

Weekend Update!

Not too much happened over the weekend. Every weekend update starts that way. Maybe ending the sentence with an exclamation point would help them sound not so boring. Let's try again.

Not too much happened over the weekend! (Better)

  • My mom brought home a new container of Nutella, which was totally not necessary. I've been dipping into it all weekend. Love it.  
  • We went shopping on Sunday. Bought Rosie B. a pink chamois changing pad cover from PB. So soft. 
  • Justin needed new work pants, which was reason for the shopping trip in the first place. Side story: We've been shopping at this store for a long time and every time we go we somehow wind up with the same saleslady. She was on top of her game yesterday. Complimented my mom on her hair, directed me to the comfy chair, offered drinks while waiting. They always give out little bottles of water but today she had beer to offer, but no bottle opener. A cruel move for this crowd. Alcohol would have made pant shopping a little less painful. Her tactics worked. He found 4 pairs and a shirt. He also scored the sales lady's cell phone number while my mom and I left to grab a table for lunch. You know, for those emergency situations where one would NEED A PAIR OF PANTS RIGHT NOW! DO YOU HAVE MY SIZE? I NEED TO KNOW! 
  • Justin and Vance put together the rocking chair for Rosie's room. It's no good. Not comfy at all. Doesn't even rock. I've been wronged by IKEA. Will send it back. 
  • Did some other work in the baby's room. Will continue today and post some pictures when it's done. 
  • Had the first Open House yesterday. Have not heard from our Realtor, so I'm guessing no sale yet. 
  • Am anxious to get more items up at Etsy to sell. The blank space on the sidebar is driving me nuts. 
Breakfast time. Have a great morning. 

2 Responses to “Weekend Update!”

  1. Anonymous10:05 AM

    free beer while buying work pants? i need to start shopping there.

  2. Anonymous12:33 PM

    Don't worry - you pay for it in the price of the pants.



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