Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend Update!

Despite being a crappy day weather wise, Saturday we got a lot done. Justin and Vance went in one direction to pick up Justin's new pants and my mom and I went in another direction to do errands and finish up baby related odds and ends. Here's some of what we got:

  • Baby book
  • Vance's Big Brother gift
  • A few birthday gifts for friends
  • Bibs, burp cloths, etc.
  • Uber girlie music crib thing
  • Coming Home outfit (harder to find than one would think)
We did a lot on Sunday too. Vance and Justin took a bike ride in the morning, I ran to Target, we met back up and took Daisy on a walk, ate lunch, went to look at developments in St. Louis, ran to the grocery store, then BBQ'd for dinner. 

The first development looked like it was going to be nice and had a beautiful model home. However, I think it was a little too far west for us. The second development had a great ranch model home, but we weren't too impressed with the 'hood. The model had an overwhelming display of fake food everywhere. Even in the bedrooms. Vance has never seen fake food and it totally confused him. 

I have another doctor's appointment tomorrow afternoon in which I'm hoping he says, "No need to go home, just walk on over to the hospital and we'll induce you right now!" We still are working on a name, but other than that I think we're pretty much ready. 

Vance got new toothpaste over the weekend and he's dying to go use it. Must go supervise. Happy Monday.

3 Responses to “Weekend Update!”

  1. Super! Sounds like you're ready to rock 'n roll!

  2. Anonymous11:35 AM

    alright little baby girl - let's get this party started. mama wants you OUT!! :)

  3. Keep us updated on your doctor's appointment today. Can't wait to see the little girl.



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