Thursday, May 15, 2008

Blink. Blink.

No time for clever intros and such fluff. Baby is due to eat again shortly. 

She's been off the Biliblanket since Sunday and is doing well. One of her tear ducts is clogged, but is handling the torment of Ointment in the Eye 4 Times a Day like a man. She's on somewhat of a schedule already, which is nice, and is sleeping in 4 hour stretches during the night. She has peed and pooped on me more times than Vance ever did. 

I'm horrible because I have not taken one picture of her since we've brought her home from the hospital. Must get on top of that.

Our lives are crazy right now. Everything is about Baby and Vance. I haven't talked to Justin in 2 weeks. I haven't replied to any emails or returned phone calls. I haven't planned anything for Vance's birthday which is quickly approaching. I don't even have baby announcements ordered. I'm looking forward for life getting back to normal. I'm looking forward to doing my own laundry, chasing Vance up the stairs and driving. Ah, to drive again! Soon!

To add to the craziness, can you believe this picture? My sister! Standing two people away from Dooce! In Dooce's kitchen! And she got to meet Jon and the dogs! I still can't believe it!  


3 Responses to “Blink. Blink.”

  1. Can't believe it either-she rocks!

  2. Anonymous2:48 PM

    hi keaser. poor baby girl! glad to hear she's off the blanket but bummer about her little eye. :( who's in the picture with Charity? I can't see it because my screen is too small (or I'm just blind...). hope you have a good weekend - i'll check back on monday for more dets!

  3. Anonymous3:12 PM

    ok, never mind - i just ate some carrots and my sight returned. it's dooce! gotcha. p.s. charity - you look so good! :)



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