Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Most Beautiful Posts I've Ever Seen

Yes, totally slacking on posting pictures of the baby. Thought I downloaded them yesterday, but did not, so here's a picture of The Posts. 

The Posts have been waiting to be completed for the past 12 years. They were supposed to be part of a privacy screen in my parents backyard. No longer rectangles! We've got angles now! 

Since the erection of the posts, a laundry list of projects have been started around their house, the most recent being the ripping out of the fireplace in the family room. Now a festive blanket of some sort is covering the hole where the new fireplace is waiting to be installed. The finalization of all these (to numerous to be named) forgotten projects have been set aside for the sole reason of, "Gotta finish The Posts first." The Posts are done and we're just waiting on the wooden screens to come in that will finish the "privacy" aspect of the screen. 

I know this is no way to end, but I've run out of time. Maybe tomorrow I'll explain why there is a strip of carpet tacking on the horizontal part of The Posts. Any guesses?

Will try to get the baby pictures downloaded today!

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