Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Finally Moving Day

I'm happy to announce that Moving Day is over. It was a long day and I'm beat. The house is a mess and we're back at The Parents house until we get unpacked. I'll go back over tomorrow and do more work. 

The Head Movers, a husband and wife team, reminded me of Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife Beth. Their son was also there, plus two more workers. I played Bingo with them all day outside and forgot to put sunscreen on. My shoulders are fried. For fun, moving goes like this: When they pack your stuff, it is numbered and color coded. When they unpack your stuff, they yell out the numbers and you have to cross them off the list. Much like Bingo. We started at 8:00 and finished around 3:00. This whole process makes you realize how much junk you have. 

Deb and Dee were posted inside the house, responsible for Baby Girl and for getting the kitchen organization process going. Vance was at Gram's hanging out and having a good time. Justin had to work, but checked in at lunch and did some unpacking after work. Both of our families have been helping us out so much during this whole process and we're forever grateful! We couldn't do this without you guys, thanks so much! When we get settled we'll have an appreciation dinner for everyone! 

To bed!

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