Wednesday, July 30, 2008

More Fruit

Not too sure what to do here. This is the area over the cooktop. Looking closely, I discovered that this is hand painted on the tile. I have a product that will take acrylic paint off of stone, but am a little scared to do so. What if this product doesn't take all of the paint off and leaves a stain of some sort? (I've tested it and it doesn't seem to, but am worried that the deep reds and purples won't clean off entirely.) Will it look goofy with nothing there? It's done well, that's not the problem, but just is not my style. I spend so much time it the kitchen and it just looks so out of place. I know I could have a tile person come in and do something else, but I don't want a picture of anything there. But it has that raised border, so it looks like something should go there...Hmmm.... guess I need to chill on this one for a little bit and focus on something else.  

Furniture for the loft comes today and the fence guy is coming over so I can sign the contract. Unfortunately, they are 4-5 weeks out, so we'll be walking Daisy Fuentes for at least another month. Woof.  

4 Responses to “More Fruit”

  1. Anonymous3:25 PM

    what do you mean that's not your style??? it just SCREAMS Charisa to me. HA! :) Ok, so I'm at a photoshoot with my art director (who is also a professional painter) and she suggests that the paint remover you have is probably the best option. If that doesn't work she said you could probably buy a higher level of solvent (is the main ingredient in the one you have 'mineral spirts'? if so, that's the weakest of them...but you probably already know this). She also says that if you try it and there's still some light paint showing, it might disolve once it dries. However, as for what to put up there afterwards - what about a big funky or vintage serving platter or maybe 4-6 cool small plates? hum...

  2. How much original art work do you have?

    I think it looks very nice and I'm sure that your decor could go with it. It's got nearly all the colors anyone would need.

    I would just sit and let it grow on you. If it doesn't after 6 months - then do something about it.

  3. besides...we've been in our house for 3 years and the projects never cease.

    We spend alot of our time in the kitchen and we have not yet gotten around to make it "our own".

    So, that means the counter tops are still pink Corian, the floors are still white and black ceramic tiles, the back splash is still white, black and (yes) pink tiles and the appliances are all white...oh, and dark (but not chocolate) cabinets.

  4. Anonymous8:07 AM

    I know this is weird, but it reminds me of the Piasa bird painting on the cliff in Alton. I don't know what that scary bird and fruit have in common, but that's what I think of. I agree with Stacy in making it go away. And she's right; a big plate that is your style would look cool there.



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