Thursday, July 31, 2008

Of course I'm home, I'm not cool

In Stacy's comment on the previous post (Thanks, Stac!) she mentioned she was at a photoshoot. That made me start thinking. I liked the way that sounded. I'd like to have Stacy's job so I could say things like that. Then I thought, I don't really want Stacy's job, I'm happy where I'm at, I just want to be able to say things that sound cool like that. "I'm wiping buns over here!" Nope, not cool. "I've got a coupon for those diapers." Not even close to being a cool thing to say. 

For the sake of coolness and to make me feel better, I think I'll start spinning stories in order to make things a little more interesting. "And so I told the bitch to take her kids out of the grocery cart with the truck attached, because Vance feels like driving today and there's no more left!" 

Feeling cooler already.

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