Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Frustrating things:

There's a bristle on my toothbrush that is longer than the rest. Every time I brush my teeth I think it's a hair and it's uncomfortable in my mouth. Cannot seem to remember to bring the scissors up to cut it off or to bring my toothbrush down to where the scissors are. These two must meet soon.

I noticed there was a bandaid halfway stuck to the bottom of my shoe, after I had carried them upstairs to my closet. Yuck. Reason #79 that shoes should not be worn in the house. 

I needed shampoo. Went to buy shampoo. When taking it out of the bag I noticed I had picked up conditioner.


Vance's Open House went really well last night. Lots of fun stuff to play with in his classroom and his teachers seem nice. We know 2 other little boys in his class, so that's always a plus. Vance is anxious to go to school and to use his new lunchbox. 

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  1. Anonymous12:33 PM

    new lunchbox!?! do share - what kind? lunch boxes rule...maybe i'll try to bring them back in the office. :)

  2. I think he would have enjoyed a bento box, because of all the little compartment -he's like that- but he chose Spiderman. Hmph... Saw so many that I wanted to buy. I say bring 'em back, Stac! I might start using them too. Let's make lunch a little more interesting!

  3. Anonymous11:46 AM

    let's do it! What kind do YOU want to buy? I haven't scooped the selection yet, so I'll need to report back with my choice...



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