Saturday, August 23, 2008

Justin, Mark, Jack, and Vance packed up for a mini-camping and rafting trip this morning. They left our house around 6:30 this morning. Around 7:00 Vance projectile vomited in the car. I'm sure this won't be the last interesting story of the trip. Pray for them. 

I'm off for a shopping trip with the girls. 

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  1. Anonymous9:00 AM

    Funny because the other night we were at my dad's and Carter says, "I have to puke." And he ran to the bathroom and barfed all over the floor. Not sure what the issue was, but he has been perfectly fine since. Weird!

  2. Poor baby...Carter, too, Kristin! Vance was probably too excited about the trip. (Of course, he could also be related to his dad who had many experiences of vomiting in the car!)Hope they have fun.



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