Friday, August 15, 2008

Proof that she doesn't sleep ALL day

Vaughn actually smiled and laughed for the camera today. Like the rest of us around here, I think she's excited to find out whether her newest cousin is going to be a girl or a boy. We're anxious to hear! 

Have a great weekend!

PS: If the sound doesn't work, double click to go to You Tube and watch it there. 

3 Responses to “Proof that she doesn't sleep ALL day”

  1. Anonymous4:24 PM

    I just want to reach right through the computer and squeeze those cheeks!!! So cute.
    Have a good weekend.
    Aunt Dee

  2. Anonymous10:18 PM

    I remember when each of our daughters were newborns, we'd get so excited if they were awake the first week or so (when all they did was sleep!).

    If they woke up, we'd scream across the house, "Her eyes are open, her eyes are open!!!!"

    Now we do the same if they get to bed on time.

  3. She is so adorable. I can't wait to see both her and Vance again. Her eyes are simply beautiful!!! Give both a big kiss for Grams!

    Her new cousin is another prince! I guess she will be the only little princess in the family!!



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