Friday, August 29, 2008

So, Vance has one week of school under his belt now. And by one week I mean two days. He only goes 2 days a week. Perfect for a first timer. Righto! Moving on..  

Each day after picking him up I grill him on his day. He gives me bits and pieces of information and the rest is left for me to glue together. Yesterday he mentioned that they made a, "Huge circle!" It was hours later that I heard him singing the Hokey Pokey and I got it. He knows his Left and Right hands now. It was Red Shirt day yesterday, so I asked if they talked about the color Red. He said, "yes". 

Mommy: What did you learn about the color Red?
Vance: Just pick One. (While holding up his pointer finger)
M: Pick one of what?
V: Just pick One. (Finger again)
M:What did you pick one of?
V: Just pick one red square.
M: Oh, you must be making something with red squares.
V: Blank stare.

I also started him in Little Gym again. Our first class was last week and he did very well. He's old enough for the classes without parents, which means I get an hour to myself sitting on the other side of the glass wall at The Little Gym. I'll take it. 

Last week, Vaughnie slept for half of the class which means I got to look through a magazine for the other half. There seems to be a lot of annoying moms at this class, so unfortunately I had to listen to them all hour long. (There's one in particular who talked loudly the entire class about all the stuff her kids do.) Don't be that mom. I was looking forward to some quiet mental time, but this lady wouldn't give it a rest. Talked. The. Whole. Hour. Long. Don't be that mom. I want a button to wear with that slogan because it works in so many situations.   

Vance clung to my leg when we first walked in but let go when it was time to go in. He had a good time in class and got a kick out of waving to me every so often. This was the first time he's really ever did anything without me and I got a kick out of being able to watch him do things on his own. (At one point he had his two pointer fingers in his mouth. I thought I was going to self-destruct at that moment. The Little Gym, at least our old one, was always great in the cleanliness aspect. Everything was wiped down after each class and smelled Bleachy when entering. I kept sending him mental vibes to take his hands out of his mouth, but nothing.

Ran out of time, again. Sorry for the abrupt ending!  

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